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Becoming a Collator

Collators are the Nodle Parachain block producers. They are responsible for creating new blocks and adding them to the chain. They share their blocks with Polkadot's validators which are in charge of ensuring these blocks are valid and finalizing them for the Nodle Parachain.

Due to Polkadot's shared security model, having one honest collator node is enough to secure the Nodle Parachain. However, having more collators increases the parachain's resilience in case of outages or other miscellaneous issues. This is why the Nodle Parachain features a mechanism to support and incentivize multiple collators.

The core team will run a few collator nodes to ensure the Nodle Parachain is always running. However, we encourage the community to run their own collator nodes to help secure the network.

More details will soon be released along with detailed instructions on how to run a collator node.